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2005 National Open Chess Festival -- PAGE 1

National Open in Las Vegas is the largest annual adult chess tournament west of the Rocky Mountains. This year, some 700 players came to Riviera Hotel and Casino on the famous Strip to play chess and have a good time. Many came from Northern California, including the "fpawn" and six of his students. Here are the photos to prove it!

Daniel works hard to score 4.5/6 in the under 2200 section.
While David apparently needs his iPod to keep him awake enough.
The man of the weekend was Charles--champion of under 1400!
Gregory has learned that to beat A players, you actually need to think.
To move the knight or not to move the knight, quoth Jeff.
Arnav stares at the white queen with his deep determined eyes.
Todd displayed his long lost form, even giving a GM a 4.5 hour scare.
Michael didn't fare well this time, even with his pet openings.
But GM Akobian fell victim to "fpawn" in the G/10 champ (thanks Trivett!).